How to Stop Your Little Child from Cursing

Posted by on Monday | January 07, 2013

How to Stop Your Little Child from Cursing

Young children love exploring not only with the things around them but also, with language. So when they hear people saying words that are new to them, they tend to imitate what they said even without fully understanding what those words mean.

Children also swear for a variety of reasons —some of them believe that curse words are cool, others utter them out of frustration, while some just want to catch attention. But either way, cursing and swearing are acts of disrespect and should not be tolerated, especially in little kids.

To effectively stop your children from cursing and swearing, you may consider the tips below:

1. Be a good example. Children often learn swear words from their very own parents when they argue with each other or when they scold them. Avoid uttering swear words because your children might think that it is right eventually adapt it.

2. Stay calm. Rather than being enraged when your kids start swearing and cursing, just stay calm and ignore the act completely. Make them feel that cursing doesn’t really earn attention points so they would not use that strategy again next time just to make you notice.

3. Explain what the word means. It is important that children know what they are saying. Make them comprehend that it is wrong and impolite to utter curse words.

Although cursing and swearing have already become so mainstream, we have to keep in mind that these words are offensive and might just bring up negative vibes. So if you think it’s cool, think again.


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